What cleaning products do I use with microfiber?

Machine wash instructions here

  • We recommend GET CLEAN Fresh Laundry Concentrate for washing your microfiber. Do not use strong alkaline detergent.  This laundry detergent is concentrated, earth-friendly and not only perfect for microfiber, but all things washable.
  • Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals which shorten the life of your microfiber.
  • Do not use fabric softener!  Fabric softener leaves a film on your microfiber.
  • Be careful about machine washing or drying mixed loads. Microfiber grabs everything and will pick up lint from other fabrics.

Do you need to use any cleaning solution with microfiber.

  • Other than water, an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaner is logical and the best choice. We recommend the GET CLEAN line of products by Shaklee. Basic H2 is the perfect partner for use with the microfiber mop pads and for spraying windows, glass, mirrors, etc.
  • Microfiber is a very effective microbial removal, but if you are bent on using a germicide, we recommend Shaklee’s product. Basic G Germicide.  It is biodegradable and will not cause toxic chemical exposure.

Our biggest challenge to you is to make sure that you purchase green products from companies that are truly committed to environmental issues, not just jumping on the band wagon because someone is selling what they call a “green” product.

Green doesn’t mean more expensive. Another big point is that you must use the product sparingly. You will find you cut costs by eliminating the need for lots of water and good green cleaning products are highly concentrated. Less is more.


How do I clean windows?
    • Take the blue pad (we call it the Wave).
    • Mist VERY lightly with a glass cleaner. (preferably green!)
    • Clean each pane. It may leave a little moisture on the glass and won’t be streak free… but you are cleaning the pane with this step.
    • Let dry, which should be within a minute. If it takes longer than that to dry, you’ve put too much cleaner on your pad.
    • Take the white pad (we call it the Snow) and shine the panes.
    • The blue pad (Wave) is perfect for spot cleaning. You probably won’t even need to use any glass cleaner. Just the pad.
    • If there are streaks, follow-up with the white pad (Snow) for the shine.
    • At least every other month, you need to take two microfiber cloths: 1 regular, 1 waffle
    • Take regular microfiber cloth, wet it (in a small bucket with water mixed with a small amount of glass cleaner. Wring it out.
    • Clean the corners of the glass. It’s the best way to keep those corners shiny clean.
    • Take the waffle cloth and finish the corners if there are streaks.

We recommend GET CLEAN Basic H2 Organic Super-Cleaning Concentrate as a green cleaning solution for everything from windows, mirrors, glass, hard surfaces, floors to industrial applications.


What is the best way to clean countertops?

You just have to use a trowel. It is a unique tool now available that will revolutionize the way you clean countertops, tables… any large flat areas. It has a “velcro-type” face on it, so you can quickly attach several different styles of cleaning pads. You will never have to buy those expensive “throw-away” wipes again.

  • The best cleaning pad is called “the wave”, which has a long- loop microfiber that is perfect wet or dry.
  • Spray green cleaning product on the counter or directly on the cleaning pad
  • There is a great polishing pad that is called “the snow or dazzle”. It is a dense, low-nap microfiber that is perfect for polishing granite, marble, stainless steel. You don’t even need any product with it. Just use the dazzle pad to make it shine.

With the trowel, you create such a large cleaning surface. When you are using a cloth, the only part that is in firm contact with the surface are your fingers. Do the calculations. With the trowel, you multiply dramatically the amount of surface that is firmly in contact with what you are cleaning. It’s brilliant.

For a green cleaning solution, we recommend BASIC H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate.