What does science and nature have to do with cleaning?


Swiffer is so yesterday

Disposable wipes are expensive and most go straight to the landfills!

NoMoreSwiffer Swiffer has been around and many people like the convenience that the concept provides. Most people don’t realize that the Swiffer was designed as a “razor-and-blades business model,” whereby the consumer purchases the handle assemble at a low price and must continue to purchase replacement refills and pads over the life of the product.

The Swiffer WetJet detergent bottle, for example, is designed to be near impossible to refill with generic or homemade cleaner. That “reasonably priced” first purchase becomes an expensive refill, but you keep doing it because it is convenient to grab for that quick clean-up. You would pay $80.00 for 144 wet Swiffer cloths. Just say no to Swiffer.

Green Tiger brings you a complete microfiber cleaning system for your home, on the water, for schools and hospitals (a scientific study provides data that a microfiber system greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination). The commercial-quality handle and frame has ergonomic benefits that make cleaning a breeze. The microfiber mop cleaning pad has patented microfiber technology designed to bring you a microfiber product that exceeds expectations. Combine environmentally-friendly, powerful and concentrated cleaning products with these commercial-grade cleaning tools and you can start collecting art with all the money you are going to save.